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Everyone is familiar with the taste of Sarıkız Mineral Water, but where did the name Sarıkız come from?

This is a legend that has been passed from generation to generation. Now, grab a cold Sarıkız and start reading...

There have been different stories circulating around for this source of water, which has been known as a healing resource since the early 1800's.

Here is the most striking and popular one:During the period when Alaşehir was besieged by the Turks, there was a girl named Sarıkız, a member of one of the Turkish tribes, with golden hair and legendary beauty. During the siege, she would run around the battlefield and offerwater to the soldiers. She would heal their wounds and help them as much as she could.

But that beautiful girl was shot by an enemy arrow during the siege. Legend has it that a spring gushed from where she fell as her hair scattered across the ground like a newly germinating flower. The famous liquid was so abundant that it became a source that gave life to vineyards and gardens over time. This legend has been the inspiration for the name of this delicious mineral water that heals our bodies and hearts from beneath the soil.

What a beautiful story, right? As with every flavor, Sarıkız has its own story that has been passed through generations.

May everyone have a long and healthy with the benefits of mineral water.