From the most prestigious flavor competition of the world; 3 awards at once to Sarıkız!

The taste competition, organized by International Taste & Quality (ITQI) since 2005, was held in Brussels, Belgium in June this year.

Sarikiz Natural Mineral water with Bicarbonate and Magnesium,taking part in the competition under the General Category of Beverages, got over 90 points within 100 points system and was found eligible for “Extraordinary/3 stars”

Sarikiz Lemon Flavored Mineral Water with Vitamin C was found eligible “Attractive/2 Stars” with its points between 80-90

Thirdly, Sarikiz Coffee Flavored Mineral Water was found eligible for “Good Taste/1 Star” with its points between 70-80.

In the taste competition organized by the prestigious cuisines associations, Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) and other reputable beverage associations and with the jury consisting of the international cooks and tasters, organized with participation of all the worldwide known trademarks, the products were evaluated by means of Blind Tasting to ensure impartiality of the tasting test

Superior Taste Award is considered a unique competition in international reputation since the opinion leaders and specialist chefs relied upon blind tasting. 

ALASU - Sarıkız; 2014 ITQI Winning Products